Welcome to Reiki Ascending! I call my practice Reiki Ascending because this work continues to open new doors, and teach me new energy techniques. I now typically use Reiki with other forms of healing energy, which when combined, can provide a very powerful and profound healing experience. This work can be used to complement and improve your current medical regimen, or it can be used alone. 

Reiki is life force energy that a Reiki practitioner brings into your energy fields to facilitate your body’s return to balance, restoring harmony, and releasing energy blocks, all of which allow your body and its energy systems to heal more easily. These healing energies work not only with your physical body, but your emotional and mental systems too.

Reiki is best known for it’s ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain, as well as it’s ability to expedite healing in allopathic (western medicine systems) settings. In mainstream medicine Reiki is typically used in oncology units and in hospice care. Reiki, however, is gaining recognition for its usefulness in treating veterans with post-traumatic stress, drug rehabilitation, improving surgical results, and its use in maternity facilities, to name a few. 

In order to improve my understanding of healing energy and my ability to work with it, I continue to take classes and receive additional energy activations. As a client, you will have the choice of receiving an energy treatment that is based solely upon Reiki energy, or the Reiki energy can be combined with other healing energies, forms, and rays.  In addition to providing Reiki treatments, I teach Reiki levels 1-3, as well as the Master/Teacher level. I also perform DNA activations, and I can teach you how to become a DNA activator.

Energy work is profound, and it will continue to work in your body and energy systems for days, and sometimes weeks, after a treatment.  A continuous unfolding of the energy over time is particularly significant and noticeable if you elect to take a Reiki class where you receive Reiki attunements and/or receive a 12 strand DNA activation (both are incredible experiences, and can be life altering).

I work primarily in Santa Cruz, including the San Lorenzo Valley towns of Felton, Ben Lomond, and Boulder Creek, as well as Aptos, Capitola, and Scotts Valley. I have also done work in San Jose and Santa Clara.  My work involves not only individuals, but work with groups as well. For more information on how to reach me, go to the Contact section.